It was her last duty hour.She checked her wrist watch fourth time in last ten minutes.She hastily checked up on her patients,picked her bag having her new dress which she collected from tailoress early morning so that no one could see her in tailoress shop.She wrote a note to head nurse written NAADIR at the end and handed over to other male nurse and left hospital.

IT was saturday and every saturday evening she had to leave hospital early.
Saturday evenings were always her favourite.She was so happy as if flying in the fairy meadows or diving in the pure waters deep inside an ocean.

“Salam Amma”,she entered in the house,poured a glass of water in her empty stomach and without any delay she entered her room and locked her up.After 10 minutes she was ready.Holding her dupatta in place on her head she was looking gorgeous in that pink dress.

She was only child to her mother.When she was borned her father left them.She and her mother were only residents of this small house situating in the end of this 12th street of Noor Muhallah.

Anyway.”Forget it”,she said to herself,wore Amma’s burqa quickly and went out of home saying goodbye to amma.

EVERY SATURDAY evening she used to go to QS ( Qayoom’s Studio) in 11th street to get her beauty captured.She trusted Qayoom most among all the men in this world.She didn’t know if it was love or what but Qayoom was her special one if there existed any.

She entered his studio,there was already a girl standing there.Qayoom was developing that girl’s photos.Qayoom smiled back to her and asked her to wait.After 5 minutes Qayoom was capturing her smile,her beauty and she was like “This is me,a complete beautiful girl”.Meanwhile Qayoom’s phone rang.He went out of room to attend the incoming call.After seven minutes she was out of her patience.She got closer to Qayoom’s incoming voice from outside although she still couldn’t see him.

He was talking and laughing hilariously.”Aray nahi yaar,jb bhi naya suit silwata hy aurton wala to tasveer khinchwaanay aata hy.HA-HA-HA.B*,Bara e fit KHUSRA hy.Yahan qareeb e aik hospital men naadir hy mgr meray studio men naadira.HA-HA-HA.”

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA these were the only words echoing in her ears.She couldn’t hear anything anymore.
She was naadir for society but being naadira was her dream.Everyone in this society was free to follow their dream except the one WHO WAS NAADIR BUT WANTED TO BECOME NAADIRA.
She had done nothing wrong but was all wrong for everyone.She was not fake still fakest for all.She was done with this life.For the next moment and for rest of her life she was a “GONE GIRL” for 12th street of noor muhallah,her hospital,her city and even her bravest and loving Amma.She had to be gone because she was a fit KHUSRA.



behind success is…

there is a woman behind the success of every successful man.but

this holds for just men.in general there is something else behind

the success  of every famous personality independent of sex of

that person.that special thing is



whenever i get depressed and i need to take rest,i hold my

cell phone and go to the the most peaceful corner of my

house,(where there is no one to disturb me,to tease me,to dictate

me that how i should sit or lie down,to scold me,to ask questions to

me… etc) ,and call my best friend.in such a peaceful corner of my

house there is a  mirror.

whenever someone says  “rida! why don’t you wear braces?”,i get

depressed,i go to that corner,take a deep breath,see right into my

eyes through mirror and then smile.ohhhh such a beautiful smile

i have ;-).so what  if my teeth are irregular? no one is perfect in this

world. right?

i sit on the stool there and think my sweetest moments of life,when

i laughed,when i smiled.and then these thoughts are expressed in

my poetry.and i became a poetess in this way by thinking while

sitting in that corner….

that peaceful corner is my WASHROOM 😉


if there would be no washroom then

1) there would be no Atif Aslam,no Akon,no Cris Brown or in other

words no bathroom singer and you can imagine the situation

of music industry then 😉

2) what do you think that how Veena Malik  do such a soothing

massage? its just due to the experience she got in washroom 😉

3)physicists are thankful to the washrooms that they exist

in this world.physics applys on flush system,on shower system,on

taps,on mirrors, even on the level of water in the lota… 😉 so i

,as a physicist,love to apply physics in washrooms.cheap and

assessable 😉 agree?

4) washroom is the basis of showbiz. your mother will throw you

and your make up stuff out of the house if you stand in front of

mirror more than five times a day.its just washroom which helped

models to reach the heights.( models! please i am so delicate,can’t

bear the stamps of your sandals.forgive me please. 😦   )

5) examination of most of diseased body parts is taken in these

peaceful corners to diagnose the disease.i hope you would have

understood. 😉 like when ever i  say to my friend that uff hina!

how much weight you have gained na…. haaaw. she rush towards

washroom so that no one can see that weight she has gained 😉

hehehe.it helps doctors na 😉

washroom has made a lot of  well known personalities in this way….

so consequence is:-in general behind success of every successful

person there is a washroom… ( if it has enough qualities to cope

with the filth we produce there) hehehe

what is your opinion? 🙂 let me know please.

(oh someone is knocking… wait mom! just washing hands… 😉    )


whenever i meet a person,i do notice some things.first of all i notice shoes.i don’t know why shoes have more attraction for me than faces but they do have.than i notice hands and feet of that person.if hands and feet are neat,it depicts that person himself is neat.there is a loooooooong list of my observations before i look at face of any person 🙂

lets have a look on my observations

UXORIOUS PERSONS:- have the most meek faces in the whole world,means meekness is the scale of their “uxoriousness” hehehe(this word is from my own dictionary) 😉

1)they mostly are bald :-p

2) they keep their money in “secret pocket” of their pajama instead of wallet

3)they mostly create irritating noise while eating :-p

TURN-COATS:- or “lotay” change their parties as firdous aashiq awan changes her shawls(ssshhh parties hehehe) :-p

1) they are not sensitive about cleanliness mostly… yakhhhh ganday

2)they are laziest persons

3)their socks smell bad… yaaakh thoo

TACITURN:- ooopsss i must be quiet 4 this category… they are called “bhen g” or “pappu” in colleges…

1) they mostly wear spectacles

2) they have lice in their hair mostly.. ufff

3) and their class presentations are best… meesnay

SOMNAMBULIST:- their qualities are just like government of pakistan,i must say….

PLAGIARIST:- just like showbiz industry of our neighbour country…. (samajh gaey????????) ;-p

PHILANDERER:-are the most pious people :-p

1) they praise display pictures of girls on face book a lot…

2) they mostly wear sneakers that don’t match with their dress

3) they don’t have any sense of blogging so they can’t be an active blogger 😉

OBDURATE:- Mr. president

MISOGYNIST:– i hate them

1) have a lot of girl friends(secret girl friends)

2) don’t like lively colours mostly

3) don’t like mobile phones


1) have curly hair mostly ;-p

2) have black heads on nose

3) they are mostly egoist


1) they are mostly weak(apparently)

2)they love bananas

3) they like to watch star plus… bongay


who are you by the way? 😉