It was her last duty hour.She checked her wrist watch fourth time in last ten minutes.She hastily checked up on her patients,picked her bag having her new dress which she collected from tailoress early morning so that no one could see her in tailoress shop.She wrote a note to head nurse written NAADIR at the end and handed over to other male nurse and left hospital.

IT was saturday and every saturday evening she had to leave hospital early.
Saturday evenings were always her favourite.She was so happy as if flying in the fairy meadows or diving in the pure waters deep inside an ocean.

“Salam Amma”,she entered in the house,poured a glass of water in her empty stomach and without any delay she entered her room and locked her up.After 10 minutes she was ready.Holding her dupatta in place on her head she was looking gorgeous in that pink dress.

She was only child to her mother.When she was borned her father left them.She and her mother were only residents of this small house situating in the end of this 12th street of Noor Muhallah.

Anyway.”Forget it”,she said to herself,wore Amma’s burqa quickly and went out of home saying goodbye to amma.

EVERY SATURDAY evening she used to go to QS ( Qayoom’s Studio) in 11th street to get her beauty captured.She trusted Qayoom most among all the men in this world.She didn’t know if it was love or what but Qayoom was her special one if there existed any.

She entered his studio,there was already a girl standing there.Qayoom was developing that girl’s photos.Qayoom smiled back to her and asked her to wait.After 5 minutes Qayoom was capturing her smile,her beauty and she was like “This is me,a complete beautiful girl”.Meanwhile Qayoom’s phone rang.He went out of room to attend the incoming call.After seven minutes she was out of her patience.She got closer to Qayoom’s incoming voice from outside although she still couldn’t see him.

He was talking and laughing hilariously.”Aray nahi yaar,jb bhi naya suit silwata hy aurton wala to tasveer khinchwaanay aata hy.HA-HA-HA.B*,Bara e fit KHUSRA hy.Yahan qareeb e aik hospital men naadir hy mgr meray studio men naadira.HA-HA-HA.”

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA these were the only words echoing in her ears.She couldn’t hear anything anymore.
She was naadir for society but being naadira was her dream.Everyone in this society was free to follow their dream except the one WHO WAS NAADIR BUT WANTED TO BECOME NAADIRA.
She had done nothing wrong but was all wrong for everyone.She was not fake still fakest for all.She was done with this life.For the next moment and for rest of her life she was a “GONE GIRL” for 12th street of noor muhallah,her hospital,her city and even her bravest and loving Amma.She had to be gone because she was a fit KHUSRA.





Kisi ki aankh ka taara!…

Kisi k haath ki shabnam…

Kisi ki aah letay ho?…

Sabhi k sub hi lay lo gay?…

Subhi ki jaan say khailo gay?…

To khailo phr!

Mgr sun lo!!!


Sabhi kuch QARZ hay tum per…

Sabhi kuch qarz rehna hay…

Sabhi aahain samaito gay?…

Yun kisi ki jaan say khelo gay?…

Mgr jb waqt aaey ga…

Haan aik waqt qqey ga…

DHAMAAKAY ho rahay hon gay,

zameen o aasmaan main b…

Tub hum lay lain gay…

Jo tum per qaez baaqi hay,

tumhaari tarf baaqi hay…




Training A Dragon

When I was a kid, I was not aware of heat, heat of hatred, warmth of love. I was used to love, I was made to smile. I was like a cat to my mother.

Then one day, my mother caught me blowing fire from my mouth. I was in hatred. I wanted to burn everything with my rage.

Then she pat my back, put my head in her lap, asked me to breathe slowly and said. “Once, back in 15 years before, you were a cat, and now you are a dragon, you have to train yourself, you have to control the fire inside you”.

I asked how mother?

She said “There are two ways to live one for others and one for yourself, you should live for yourself, but in living for yourself, you have to consider and remember two things.

First, little things can make others happy, for you of course, so do little things for others.

Second, never let you down before you dear, as you are best friend to others, if you would let you down by doing wrong things, you can never live for yourself” and I said yes. Ok mother. I did a little thing, she smiled with twinkling eyes and since then the dragon inside me is trained in a best way.


There was nothing special between us… We just fell in a “Feeling” in which your heart starts to miss beats. How?? I don’t know. But whenever there comes a fulstop in my life, whenever i stop, whenever i am crushed by others, i don’t know why but i see him in my dreams and those dreams make me alive again.
Missing someone is a fun. Sometimes you may feel numb, you may feel nothing for friends but first love is always something that keep your BP high.
To burn dreams doesn’t work until you burn your eyes and my eyes are burning right now.


We always decide what is right for us, what is better for ourselves….we don’t decide what

is right for all,what is right “on the whole” ,we don’t think about the the impact of our

decision on others….we are always right before ourselves and wrong before others

in decision making…. isn’t it?

animals in place of men(part 1)

what if,

animals would have qualities of human beings,or of the MAN(as the most eminent of created beings).


dog1 to dog2(IN 2007): my bitch wife is going to be elected as president in these elections ,kill her,as i want to be president and her flesh and bones will be my prey.SHE IS SO YUMMY.HMMMMMMMM.hahaha but LISTEN! i want you to remove all proofs otherwise u know how mean i am hahaha….


  • killed wife
  • removed proofs
  • happy government of  dogs
  • but WE humans can not happy by the government of our PETS


(just 4 pakistani dogs)


a V_ vixen on a t.v channel: so what if i did not cover my tail or i did massage in nearby jungle to my beloved,he had lice so i thought that what if i could help him.i love him and his body a lot i just gave 50,60 kisses or some hugs to him.believe me.i did not do anything in that jungle which i do not do here at my place.please people! try to understand i just showed the positive image of my jungle to them…. (rascal)


  • happy V_vixen
  • happy 2nd jungle
  • happy the lusty people
  • but WE the humans can not happy by the belonging of such lusty V_vixen to our place


a buffalo host on morning show: hey viewers i am your host MALA KHAN BUFFALO! today we shall tease every innocent couple on the way to meadow and will find out the solution to all this obscenity in meadows as i am most pious buffalo and i never went to any meadow with my boy friend. you know I JUST GO TO RESTAURANTS,CONCERTS AND CLUBS. HAHAHA. i am very intelligent and responsible.i just want couples to meet at any food place but not in meadows.as these meadows are just to offer prayers.right.


  • happy mala khan
  • highest rating of channel
  • more buffaloes in meadows
  • and WE humans still  not happy as we could not crush her head…. ghrrrr

so if animals would have our qualities they would destroy our world….  🙂

we must have spectacles

through which we can see beyond

  • the prostitutes
  • the robbers
  • the beggars
  • the dwarfs
  • the disables
  • the poor
  • the servants etc

they are among us…

they dream and they want to live their dreams as we do…


we have made dream s “EXPENSIVE”