It was her last duty hour.She checked her wrist watch fourth time in last ten minutes.She hastily checked up on her patients,picked her bag having her new dress which she collected from tailoress early morning so that no one could see her in tailoress shop.She wrote a note to head nurse written NAADIR at the end and handed over to other male nurse and left hospital.

IT was saturday and every saturday evening she had to leave hospital early.
Saturday evenings were always her favourite.She was so happy as if flying in the fairy meadows or diving in the pure waters deep inside an ocean.

“Salam Amma”,she entered in the house,poured a glass of water in her empty stomach and without any delay she entered her room and locked her up.After 10 minutes she was ready.Holding her dupatta in place on her head she was looking gorgeous in that pink dress.

She was only child to her mother.When she was borned her father left them.She and her mother were only residents of this small house situating in the end of this 12th street of Noor Muhallah.

Anyway.”Forget it”,she said to herself,wore Amma’s burqa quickly and went out of home saying goodbye to amma.

EVERY SATURDAY evening she used to go to QS ( Qayoom’s Studio) in 11th street to get her beauty captured.She trusted Qayoom most among all the men in this world.She didn’t know if it was love or what but Qayoom was her special one if there existed any.

She entered his studio,there was already a girl standing there.Qayoom was developing that girl’s photos.Qayoom smiled back to her and asked her to wait.After 5 minutes Qayoom was capturing her smile,her beauty and she was like “This is me,a complete beautiful girl”.Meanwhile Qayoom’s phone rang.He went out of room to attend the incoming call.After seven minutes she was out of her patience.She got closer to Qayoom’s incoming voice from outside although she still couldn’t see him.

He was talking and laughing hilariously.”Aray nahi yaar,jb bhi naya suit silwata hy aurton wala to tasveer khinchwaanay aata hy.HA-HA-HA.B*,Bara e fit KHUSRA hy.Yahan qareeb e aik hospital men naadir hy mgr meray studio men naadira.HA-HA-HA.”

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA these were the only words echoing in her ears.She couldn’t hear anything anymore.
She was naadir for society but being naadira was her dream.Everyone in this society was free to follow their dream except the one WHO WAS NAADIR BUT WANTED TO BECOME NAADIRA.
She had done nothing wrong but was all wrong for everyone.She was not fake still fakest for all.She was done with this life.For the next moment and for rest of her life she was a “GONE GIRL” for 12th street of noor muhallah,her hospital,her city and even her bravest and loving Amma.She had to be gone because she was a fit KHUSRA.



IT was 20th time in the same day when i saw those three magical words,written on almost everything,

in washroom,on plates.under bed,on the ceiling,on mobile phone. I mean everywhere. After a tiring day

when i came home mother was also angry with  me. At the end of  a looooong speech  when she asked

“what do you think? Am i not a human? Am I made up of stone?”

those three magical words slipped from my blunt mouth at the wrong time and at wrong place.

MADE IN CHINA“…….. (oops)


Wandering carelessly here and there,with rhythmic steps,smile on face and shine in eyes,in a crowd of friends,I

was close to canteen. I did not bother the staring and starving eyes on me. I bought few chocolates from canteen

and was back on my way when I encountered a beggar kid. He was staring at chocolates in my hands. With in no

time, I don’t know why, I gave all of them to him and he was just……… SURPRISED. He said

“wow, sister! I didn’t even taste such chocolates ever. I don’t know even how these chocolates smell like. I am

very grateful to you for this. May GOD give you what you want”….

Then I thought that happiness doesn’t demand dollars always. It may be a thing,worthless in my

hands but precious in some other hands. it can be a chocolate……..


Sitting in front of t.v,wet eyes,shivering legs,stuck lips…..


news anchor:  early morning,5 years old girl found dead in a

private park after sexually assaulted…..


now what to do??


just my tears can’t help that girl,they can’t take her back,they

can’t cure her soul….

I am alive,but helpless.i don’t have words to express my feelings

for that little soul and then for that……….. i just want him dead.

i just want him to be hanged.you know why?????


because i am a girl too.if my sister is nude that means i am nude,

if she is sexually assaulted means i am sexually assaulted….

and each and every girl of this universe is too….

so we THE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED GIRLS are going to enjoy

our misfortune.

you THE RASCALS! just go on playing with us

and our dear DEAD BROTHERS! you don’t need to

come out of your graves.right?



to all of my “earth people”,saying goodbye


my dear earth friends!

I have decided to go to super earth,the planet nearby my earth,nearly

similar to earth.as i have got invitation from one of my friends already

there.I enjoyed the time,I spent with you, have learned many useful

lessons for rest of my life.I took this decision reluctantly as i love my

planet earth.i love each and every bit of it. but you people don’t like

me.you have made your own boundaries and I am not allowed to

cross these even not if i love you. I am feeling so down at this leaving


i got hurt many times on earth but not a single one from you

approached me to soothe me,to console me…..

you discriminated me each and every time,either it is my religion or

my country.you don’t like me to be identified by you people.

i hate boundaries,and i want to live like a butterfly……

so………….. it is over now.goodbye from my side.I shall miss you

all.love you.


an ordinary earth girl,

eastern cottage,MUSLIM street,earth,solar system.



this white one,has no black spot of your hatred on it for me……

and then look my earth………………………………………….

girlish fantasy…

everyone has his own kind of fantasy.someone wants to be a fairy

some other one wants to be Bill Gates,it depends on your desires,

your preferences in life and on your dreams.its not like that i am not

satisfied with what i am but due to some very very  “SO CALLED”

disciplined people around me i am compelled to have such a weird

fantasy.i ‘ll call it weird because to alter one’s personality is not a

simple task to do.for me its like to be like SELENA GOMEZ OR

ANGELINA JULIE which is next to impossible….

i want to be a disciplined girl who

1) whenever put on a blanket,don’t interchange the sides of blanket

fixed for head and feet.means whole night should pass deciding

whether it is head’s side or of feet.right.

2) belch in a low voice.(even not to irritate elder sister) 😦

3) laugh supersonically. (can’t be heard by humans)

4) don’t sit on sofa or bed with thud. (its not fair)

5) don’t lie down on sofa.

6) don’t eat while resting her head on any support.(not even on

mother’s shoulder)

7) don’t smell shoe polish,bonding gums,new pages,new shoes,

kerosine oil,petrol and even not the smoke coming out of any

vehicle’s engine.

8) don’t bite lips.

9) don’t sleep like a frog.but legs must be straight.(“frog”is now my

nick name due to this habit) 😦

10) don’t walk carelessly but straight and erect.

i am not  such a disciplined person.are you? what to do? suggest  me.


i don’t know about showbiz very much.i don’t know about

direction,production or any such field regarding showbiz.

but i want to request or plead all the channels that please set some

standards regarding vulgar advertisements or atleast fix their

timings so that minds of our kids don’t be polluted.like a few days

ago i was watching a religious program on national t.v. it was

about our HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W), during that holy program,

almost ten times an advertisement of hair removing cream was

on the screen and it was the most irritating moment of my life.

what would be your feelings when you are thinking about

spirituality and in the next moment,before your eyes,there would

be a girl almost nude and….. (silence)

my appeal to all channels is that there must be a code of conduct

according to which ads and programs are telecast.

please please please please do consider following points.

1) don’t telecast ads on the channel that can be seen by young

minds.like national geography,cartoon network,pogo,discovery

channel,food channels and all such channels in which young ones

have interest.

2)don’t play any ad atleast during any holy program.ATLEAST.

3)play these ads just on t.v drama channels or channels of adults’


4)fix a time for these vulgar ads or ads of adults’ stuff on all the


5) for kids’ channels make simple and decent ads please.

on the name of awareness please don’t pollute minds of our future

our children,our young ones,OUR LIFE…. please.

and you people! please condemn such ads.please.