Training A Dragon

When I was a kid, I was not aware of heat, heat of hatred, warmth of love. I was used to love, I was made to smile. I was like a cat to my mother.

Then one day, my mother caught me blowing fire from my mouth. I was in hatred. I wanted to burn everything with my rage.

Then she pat my back, put my head in her lap, asked me to breathe slowly and said. “Once, back in 15 years before, you were a cat, and now you are a dragon, you have to train yourself, you have to control the fire inside you”.

I asked how mother?

She said “There are two ways to live one for others and one for yourself, you should live for yourself, but in living for yourself, you have to consider and remember two things.

First, little things can make others happy, for you of course, so do little things for others.

Second, never let you down before you dear, as you are best friend to others, if you would let you down by doing wrong things, you can never live for yourself” and I said yes. Ok mother. I did a little thing, she smiled with twinkling eyes and since then the dragon inside me is trained in a best way.