Wandering carelessly here and there,with rhythmic steps,smile on face and shine in eyes,in a crowd of friends,I

was close to canteen. I did not bother the staring and starving eyes on me. I bought few chocolates from canteen

and was back on my way when I encountered a beggar kid. He was staring at chocolates in my hands. With in no

time, I don’t know why, I gave all of them to him and he was just……… SURPRISED. He said

“wow, sister! I didn’t even taste such chocolates ever. I don’t know even how these chocolates smell like. I am

very grateful to you for this. May GOD give you what you want”….

Then I thought that happiness doesn’t demand dollars always. It may be a thing,worthless in my

hands but precious in some other hands. it can be a chocolate……..


10 thoughts on ““KIT KAT”

  1. very inspirational… lovvvve it!!! haven’t seen you around in some time. happy that you’re posting again. 😉

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