Sitting in front of t.v,wet eyes,shivering legs,stuck lips…..


news anchor:  early morning,5 years old girl found dead in a

private park after sexually assaulted…..


now what to do??


just my tears can’t help that girl,they can’t take her back,they

can’t cure her soul….

I am alive,but helpless.i don’t have words to express my feelings

for that little soul and then for that……….. i just want him dead.

i just want him to be hanged.you know why?????


because i am a girl too.if my sister is nude that means i am nude,

if she is sexually assaulted means i am sexually assaulted….

and each and every girl of this universe is too….

so we THE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED GIRLS are going to enjoy

our misfortune.

you THE RASCALS! just go on playing with us

and our dear DEAD BROTHERS! you don’t need to

come out of your graves.right?





  1. I think that we all need a renewal of our beliefs and understanding. We have totally forgotten the teachings of Islam and we are now proudly acting as slaves to the west.
    Whenever some social crime like this is committed, our leaders say that same things happen in the developed countries and that it is a part of our society and that it is inevitable… but the truth is that being a sovereign Islamic state such crimes should not exist at all.
    A person who is fully aware of his religious duties would never commit something like this.
    We’ve forgotten the way of Islam, we want modernization- there is nothing wrong with the idea of getting better day by day but we choose the wrong sort of modernization!

  2. Humanity has died; media is directing the minds to lust and all! Hypocrisy runs in bloods. All thanks to the school of thought declaring Islam orthodox.
    May Allah have mercy upon us. Ameen.

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