to all of my “earth people”,saying goodbye


my dear earth friends!

I have decided to go to super earth,the planet nearby my earth,nearly

similar to i have got invitation from one of my friends already

there.I enjoyed the time,I spent with you, have learned many useful

lessons for rest of my life.I took this decision reluctantly as i love my

planet earth.i love each and every bit of it. but you people don’t like have made your own boundaries and I am not allowed to

cross these even not if i love you. I am feeling so down at this leaving


i got hurt many times on earth but not a single one from you

approached me to soothe me,to console me…..

you discriminated me each and every time,either it is my religion or

my don’t like me to be identified by you people.

i hate boundaries,and i want to live like a butterfly……

so………….. it is over now.goodbye from my side.I shall miss you you.


an ordinary earth girl,

eastern cottage,MUSLIM street,earth,solar system.



this white one,has no black spot of your hatred on it for me……

and then look my earth………………………………………….


7 thoughts on “to all of my “earth people”,saying goodbye

  1. I sure hope you don’t mean to end your life. Look past the haters, look past the discriminators and you will see that people that don’t even know you very well doesn’t care abut boundaries as boarders on a map, gender, religion.
    Many people even on this earth do not care about those things. I am one of them. I will treat you as a person based on your words and actions. Not based on what you belive, where you are born, age or gender.
    Please remember there are many that think this way. We are just behind the haters and discriminators to let them know another way is possible.
    Perfect love my friend

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