girlish fantasy…

everyone has his own kind of fantasy.someone wants to be a fairy

some other one wants to be Bill Gates,it depends on your desires,

your preferences in life and on your dreams.its not like that i am not

satisfied with what i am but due to some very veryΒ  “SO CALLED”

disciplined people around me i am compelled to have such a weird

fantasy.i ‘ll call it weird because to alter one’s personality is not a

simple task to do.for me its like to be like SELENA GOMEZ OR

ANGELINA JULIE which is next to impossible….

i want to be a disciplined girl who

1) whenever put on a blanket,don’t interchange the sides of blanket

fixed for head and feet.means whole night should pass deciding

whether it is head’s side or of feet.right.

2) belch in a low voice.(even not to irritate elder sister) 😦

3) laugh supersonically. (can’t be heard by humans)

4) don’t sit on sofa or bed with thud. (its not fair)

5) don’t lie down on sofa.

6) don’t eat while resting her head on any support.(not even on

mother’s shoulder)

7) don’t smell shoe polish,bonding gums,new pages,new shoes,

kerosine oil,petrol and even not the smoke coming out of any

vehicle’s engine.

8) don’t bite lips.

9) don’t sleep like a frog.but legs must be straight.(“frog”is now my

nick name due to this habit) 😦

10) don’t walk carelessly but straight and erect.

i am notΒ  such a disciplined person.are you? what to do? suggestΒ  me.


13 thoughts on “girlish fantasy…

  1. My comments not in same order πŸ™‚

    * Once you go to sleep, you will never know if a frog is sleeping or a frog princess Lol
    * Continue laughing as you do, healthy lungs, means more oxygenated blood, means glowing face πŸ™‚
    * Sofa thud — agreed
    * Lie on sofa – yes till your neck aches.
    *Smell petrol when refueling only.
    * Biting lips ‘sometimes’ is sexy hehe
    * Walk straight and erect. But carelessly is okay when you have got up after sleeping on sofa.

    That is my view, comment and finally suggestions

  2. Be yourself so that you can love yourself–this is my only suggestion. But I did get a kick out of Muhammed Tahir’s comment. hahaha!!! πŸ™‚

  3. lol just what ever you are, this is you, dont change this πŸ˜›
    u know ever since i was a kid, no one was ready to share bed with me, cox i play fifa while sleeping,
    all these things u mentioned they were funny but also normal to me ;p

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