i don’t know about showbiz very much.i don’t know about

direction,production or any such field regarding showbiz.

but i want to request or plead all the channels that please set some

standards regarding vulgar advertisements or atleast fix their

timings so that minds of our kids don’t be a few days

ago i was watching a religious program on national t.v. it was

about our HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W), during that holy program,

almost ten times an advertisement of hair removing cream was

on the screen and it was the most irritating moment of my life.

what would be your feelings when you are thinking about

spirituality and in the next moment,before your eyes,there would

be a girl almost nude and….. (silence)

my appeal to all channels is that there must be a code of conduct

according to which ads and programs are telecast.

please please please please do consider following points.

1) don’t telecast ads on the channel that can be seen by young national geography,cartoon network,pogo,discovery

channel,food channels and all such channels in which young ones

have interest.

2)don’t play any ad atleast during any holy program.ATLEAST.

3)play these ads just on t.v drama channels or channels of adults’


4)fix a time for these vulgar ads or ads of adults’ stuff on all the


5) for kids’ channels make simple and decent ads please.

on the name of awareness please don’t pollute minds of our future

our children,our young ones,OUR LIFE…. please.

and you people! please condemn such ads.please.



  1. That’s why I don’t feel comfortable watching some T.V channel with family. Indeed, they are irritating at times. You’ve highlighted an important issue. Thanks for that, Rida! πŸ™‚

    1. exactly. and if you change channel then the issue becomes more prominent… above all our media minister uffffff…. and most welcome Uzair! πŸ™‚ i am glad that you liked it. πŸ™‚

  2. 100% agreed. Actually you will find or notice that the person who is sitting on the controls whose job is to do all what you are saying and use his upper storey, seem to me, are all adhoc employees. A trained professional duly briefed will never go to sleep. You know there are people who are wide awake with their brains shut. Some are sitting doing what all you said.

  3. Lot has happened with the media after you had posted this page in MArch. Hope some process will take the media people to better grounds. ( by the way thanks for your comment on mt lens. I got it on my mail and not on the lens as yet. To your question, yes you are right I am what you asked πŸ™‚ )

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