because i am a…

since last year  i have some behavioral changes

1) i sleep at my own bed but awake from my mother’s bed…. i don’t

know which one moves at night,my bed or me myself,but it

happens almost everyday…

2) i walk in the zigzag manner… i promise i am not a goat…

3) you come to me,i look at you,look…. look…. look…. look…. and

you think that i can just look and you gather a crowd around me

to have a look.

4) infront of mirror i don’t look at my lips,my nose,my hair,

my figure…. i see reflection of the spider moving on the wall,

capturing its prey… i am just a geek… i know.

5) i get worst grades,my teachers advise me to give up studies,my

fellows make fun of me.i can’t study but inspite of that i observe

best,i perform best because i am a


are you?


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