whenever i meet a person,i do notice some things.first of all i notice shoes.i don’t know why shoes have more attraction for me than faces but they do have.than i notice hands and feet of that person.if hands and feet are neat,it depicts that person himself is neat.there is a loooooooong list of my observations before i look at face of any person πŸ™‚

lets have a look on my observations

UXORIOUS PERSONS:- have the most meek faces in the whole world,means meekness is the scale of their “uxoriousness” hehehe(this word is from my own dictionary) πŸ˜‰

1)they mostly are bald :-p

2) they keep their money in “secret pocket” of their pajama instead of wallet

3)they mostly create irritating noise while eating :-p

TURN-COATS:- or “lotay” change their parties as firdous aashiq awan changes her shawls(ssshhh parties hehehe) :-p

1) they are not sensitive about cleanliness mostly… yakhhhh ganday

2)they are laziest persons

3)their socks smell bad… yaaakh thoo

TACITURN:- ooopsss i must be quiet 4 this category… they are called “bhen g” or “pappu” in colleges…

1) they mostly wear spectacles

2) they have lice in their hair mostly.. ufff

3) and their class presentations are best… meesnay

SOMNAMBULIST:- their qualities are just like government of pakistan,i must say….

PLAGIARIST:- just like showbiz industry of our neighbour country…. (samajh gaey????????) ;-p

PHILANDERER:-are the most pious people :-p

1) they praise display pictures of girls on face book a lot…

2) they mostly wear sneakers that don’t match with their dress

3) they don’t have any sense of blogging so they can’t be an active blogger πŸ˜‰

OBDURATE:- Mr. president

MISOGYNIST:– i hate them

1) have a lot of girl friends(secret girl friends)

2) don’t like lively colours mostly

3) don’t like mobile phones


1) have curly hair mostly ;-p

2) have black heads on nose

3) they are mostly egoist


1) they are mostly weak(apparently)

2)they love bananas

3) they like to watch star plus… bongay


who are you by the way? πŸ˜‰


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