animals in place of men(part 1)

what if,

animals would have qualities of human beings,or of the MAN(as the most eminent of created beings).


dog1 to dog2(IN 2007): my bitch wife is going to be elected as president in these elections ,kill her,as i want to be president and her flesh and bones will be my prey.SHE IS SO YUMMY.HMMMMMMMM.hahaha but LISTEN! i want you to remove all proofs otherwise u know how mean i am hahaha….


  • killed wife
  • removed proofs
  • happy government of  dogs
  • but WE humans can not happy by the government of our PETS


(just 4 pakistani dogs)


a V_ vixen on a t.v channel: so what if i did not cover my tail or i did massage in nearby jungle to my beloved,he had lice so i thought that what if i could help him.i love him and his body a lot i just gave 50,60 kisses or some hugs to him.believe me.i did not do anything in that jungle which i do not do here at my place.please people! try to understand i just showed the positive image of my jungle to them…. (rascal)


  • happy V_vixen
  • happy 2nd jungle
  • happy the lusty people
  • but WE the humans can not happy by the belonging of such lusty V_vixen to our place


a buffalo host on morning show: hey viewers i am your host MALA KHAN BUFFALO! today we shall tease every innocent couple on the way to meadow and will find out the solution to all this obscenity in meadows as i am most pious buffalo and i never went to any meadow with my boy friend. you know I JUST GO TO RESTAURANTS,CONCERTS AND CLUBS. HAHAHA. i am very intelligent and responsible.i just want couples to meet at any food place but not in these meadows are just to offer prayers.right.


  • happy mala khan
  • highest rating of channel
  • more buffaloes in meadows
  • and WE humans still  not happy as we could not crush her head…. ghrrrr

so if animals would have our qualities they would destroy our world….  🙂


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