we,the daughters of ADAM are still be buried by you….

YOU! (OUR  BIOLOGICAL  FATHERS). but we are not ashamed

of  our sex.rather we are proud to be girls because we are blessing

of  GOD,we are DAUGHTERS OF ADAM,we are arms of our

mothers  and we are helpful to our siblings….

let us ask some questions please….

but if you don’t want to answer,then keep them in your mind for

dooms day because you have to answer them at any cost…..

  • are daughters just the result of your LUST?
  • are you interested in just INTERCOURSE?
  • are you doubtful about your characteristic of SEX DETERMINATION?
  • is your mother not a WOMAN?
  • is your “2nd wife” who delivered boy not a WOMAN?
  • am i the only sin of my mother?


your wrong answers will not be accepted on DOOMS DAY and at

that last day we’ll not  let you in  our heaven,our mothers will

give you DIVORCE because GOD is the creator of heaven and we

are  HIS  BLESSING,and there will be ADAM TOO and HE IS OUR FATHER….

there is no space for SELFISH  FATHERS  in heaven and in heart of ADAM and HIS  DAUGHTERS….

from: daughters buried alive in life

and waiting for earth to destroy…..


4 thoughts on ““ADAM’S DAUGHTERS”

  1. ye betiyan kesi hoti hain
    ye pariyon jesi hoti hain
    ye bat bat pe roti hain
    dil hota hai inka nazuk sa
    ye bholi bhali hoti hain
    ma ki sulaari hoti hain
    guryon se khelna bachpan inka
    itni jaldi kesey beet gya
    aangan soona kar jati hain
    ye betiyan kesi hoti hain
    ye pariyon jesi hoti hain…

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